New Team System Stuff – 2005-01-25


Chat with members of the Team Foundation team of Visual Studio Team System. They'll be answering questions and discussing their suite of source control, work item tracking, Excel and Project integration, reporting, Windows SharePoint Services integration, and build automation tools.

Visual Studio Team System

Introducing Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team System Beta Edition

  • Paul D. Murphy is more than willing to help you with installing the December 2004 CTP release of Visual Studio 2005 Team System , but he asks that you please take the time to read the Installation Guide and follow the steps & requirements therein.


  • More chats are scheduled for February, when you’ll have a chance to chat with the people that are building the Class Designer and Distributed System Designers:
    • Visual Studio - Class Designer
      Chat with members of the Class Designer team. Class Designer offers visualization features to help you understand, design, and refactor code. You'll learn more about what's coming in the tool for Beta 2, and have an opportunity to give feedback on what code modeling features you would like to see in the future.
    • Visual Studio Team Architect - Designing Service Oriented Systems and Logical Datacenters
      Chat with Team Architect members of Visual Studio Team System. We'll be answering questions and discussing our suite of designers for designing service oriented systems as well as logical datacenters, deployment, and extensibility.

DSL Tools & Software Factories

Project Management

Team Software Development

  • Are you interested in extending Team Foundation? See this post (Team Foundation Extensibility Kit) from Brian White, which links to a download for an extensibility kit for the December 2004 CTP release of Team Foundation.



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