Putting Applications to the Test with Team System

This week, I found a couple of pertinent, and somewhat related, news articles from eWeek:

  • Putting Applications to the Test – Cem Kaner, a name that should be familiar to any professional software tester, “…has challenged enterprise development managers to consider the consequences of an application failure that results in someone's death.”
  • Tech Duo Prescribes Solution for Doctors – On the heels of that article is this one, which notes about a medical transcription system built in .NET, “Since the data being transported is not only mission-critical but also life-critical, the system went through some rugged testing via Microsoft's VSTS (Visual Studio Team System).”

This conclusion from the first article:

“Testing tools can't automate experienced vision or a domain-specific sense of what's important, but they can free developers from the most routine and laborious aspects of application testing to give them time to put their expertise to work.”

Reminded me of something Jason Anderson had to say about code generation in VSTS Unit Testing today, “It saves you from typing, but not from thinking.”

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