Top 10 Posts for 2005

For the curious (me), these are the ten most popular posts on this blog in 2005, which I determiend using an arbitrary system based on Web hits, aggregator hits, and comments. Also, I didn’t count the “New Team System Stuff” posts I used to do. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Part I…


Fun with Search Terms

Just having some fun reviewing a day’s worth of searches (using that have led people to my blog: Yahoo Search: 525,600 minutes Google (Canada) Search: carpet cleaning MSN Search: wolfie’s grill sydney Yahoo Search: geddy lee surgery Google Search: essential unified process Google (Australia) Search: rock inc australia 2005 Google Search: flight time san francisco…


Team Foundation MSSCCI Provider

Still using Visual Studio 6 and wishing you had an integrated Team Foundation Version Control experience? Now you can! As noted below, the Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider is now available for download. You should note that this version is intended for use with Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh. They’ll be updating this with…


A .NET Developer Christmas List

One of the items Paul Ballard thinks .NET Developer’s want for Christmas this year…I think we’re almost there. A Team Foundation Server… that doesn’t require a PhD to Install. Humor: A .NET Developer Christmas List.


Team System Outlook Add-In

If you attended a Ready Launch 2005 tour event, you probably saw this in action. During one of the keynote demos, we showed you an Outlook add-in from Personify Design (called Teamlook) that was used to create a new work item from within Outlook. The beta is now available for download: Teamlook is a convenient software project…


Combining Project and Team System

Sanjay Narang has written an article for on combining Team System with Microsoft Project. I haven’t had the opportunity to read it, but if you have please feel free to leave a comment. Combine Microsoft Project and Visual Studio Team System for a One-two Punch of ProductivityVisual Studio Team System (VSTS) provides centralized storage…


Why Visual Studio Team System

Earlier this month, the Why Visual Studio page was launched on MSDN. In addition to an evaluation guide of Visual Studio features and a showcase of software life cycle scenarios, you’ll also find links to the following series of white papers that focus on Team System: Driving Productivity and Adaptive Businesses with Intuitive Integrated Application…


Try Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite

If you want to get an evaluation copy of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite (or Visual Studio 2005 Professional, SQL Server 2005, or Team Foundation Server), but you don’t have an MSDN subscription to download a copy, you can order a disc from this site. To preorder your copy of Visual Studio 2005 or SQL…


Charles Young on MSF

Charles Young has a great article in his blog on MSF 4.0 that covers MSF in general and the two MSF process templates that ship with Team System. I believe MSF represents a subtle change in Microsoft’s attitude. The promotion of MSF in conjunction with Visual Studio Team Services all but guarantees that the framework…


Carpet Cleaning and Web Site Design

I recently helped a friend publish a business Web site that is a Christmas present for her husband, who owns the business. Originally, I was going to use Visual Web Developer, but I found a basic, inexpensive FrontPage Web site template that did everything we needed at AllWebCo Design. Also, it’s been a long time since…