New Team System Stuff – 2004-12-20

Visual Studio Team System Chats & Blogs

  • Now blogging: the Visual Studio Team Foundation team (Introducing the Team Foundation Blog) – announced by Ling Bao, one of the Program Managers on Team Foundation.
  • Noah Coad asked me to help spread the word about some upcoming chats with the team that’s bringing you Team Developer and Team Test: “Join the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)'s Enterprise Developer and Test (eDT) Tools team at Microsoft in an online MSDN Chat! We will be focusing on the tools: Static Code Analysis (FxCop, PREfast), Dynamic Analysis (Profiler, Code Coverage), and Testing (Unit, Manual, Web, Load, etc). Experts from the development, testing, and program management teams at Microsoft will be available during these two chats to answer questions.”
  • Sudhakar Sadasivuni, a Microsoft .NET MVP, recently hosted a chat on Team System. You can find the Q & A here ([ Q & A ] : My Community Chat Session on Visual Studio Team System 2005).

Visual Studio Team System News

Domain-Specific Languages

  • Bill Higgins of IBM and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to the UML v DSL debate: “I won't pretend to understand this debate at a deep level, as the people involved in the debate have been thinking deeply about modeling much longer than I have been in the field of software engineering. However, it's fun and a great learning experience to watch this debate unfold between such smart people from the IBM Rational and Microsoft camps.” (The great debate rages on - UML vs. Domain Specific Modeling Languages).
  • And see this post from Andrew Stopford: “You owe it to your selfs to understand what Microsoft is driving at, the only works on the concept right now is Wileys Software Factories book, go out, buy it, read it, read it again and pass to all your work mates to read. 2005 is going to see the start of one epic journey.” (UML vs DSL).
  • Harry Pierson hears clear the air on some of the points of debate: “Steve Cook responded to Grady Booch's latest comments on software factories and DSLs, which was in turn a response to an entry by Alan Wills. It's obvious that Booch is never going to agree with the DSL approach, but there are a couple of fascinating elements of the exchange.” (Booch on DSLs (Round 3))
  • Gareth Jones points out that the DSL Tools category is now available on the Product Feedback Center: “You can now submit bugs and suggestions about the DSL Tools to our team through the magic of the MSDN Product Feedback Center.” (Bug us). And see this post about some feedback Gareth received on drag & drop in the October CTP of the DSL Tools: “Nicholas Allen wrote to me to comment on a piece of UI in our October CTP.” (When dragging is a big drag).
  • Gareth Jones also had this post last week on some file format changes in the just released December CTP of the DSL Tools: “We're working to get our next Community Technical Preview shipped as soon as ever possible now. I thought I'd give a heads up on some changes we've made and something you might want to do if you've put any data that you care about into the previous CTP.” (Heads up: Upcoming DSL Tools CTP - file format changes) and he also blogs about some visual changes (DSL Tools: Look and (soon) feel). See here.
  • Chris Masters reports on his use of the DSL Tools: “Here's a look at the concept editor in the first technical preview.” (Experimenting with the Domain Specific Language Tools concept editor).
  • Alan Cameron Wills has the link to the Dec CTP download for the DSL Tools (DSL Tools preview downloadable). Of course, Gareth has it, too (December release of DSL Tools ships). I just thought I’d spread the wealth.


Process & Project Management


  • Adam Gallant on Don Box’s four basic tenets of SOA: “When discussing SOA, people of make the mistake of interpreting this type of service-based design [some intimate knowledge required by both systems to understand the contents of the message] with a service oriented architecture.” (Services are, and are not...)



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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the name, Noah Coad, in the text. He’s a good buddy of mine from college and a PM on the VSTS team. Great guy.

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