Datelens by Human-Computer Interaction Lab at U of MD

Calendar applications for small handheld devices such as PDAs are growing in popularity. This led us to develop DateLens, a novel calendar interface that supports not only PDAs, but a range of devices, from desktop computers to Tablet PCs. It supports users in performing planning and analysis tasks by using a fisheye representation of dates coupled with compact overviews, user control over the visible timer period, and integrated search. This enables users to see overviews, easily navigate the calendar structure, and discover patterns and outliers. Moreover, DateLens takes advantage of each device, running quickly on PDAs and supporting ink on Tablet PCs.

This thing rocks. I haven’t tried the Pocket PC version, but I plan to do so. If it’s half as good as the PC (Outlook add-in) version, it’ll be worth the memory footprint. The only trick is finding it once it’s installed – check your toolbar and be sure Outlook is closed when you install it. There’s even a standalone version.

Cost: $0

Via Shish Sridhar

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