New to Me: Safari Visual Studio Help Integration (VSHI) Beta

Safari Bookshelf - MSDN

What is Safari

Safari Bookshelf is the premier e-reference library for programmers and IT professionals. Unlike an online bookstore, Safari lets subscribers:

  • Search across thousands of electronic books simultaneously.
  • Read the books on My Bookshelf from cover to cover. Or, simply flip to the page you need.
  • Browse books by category.
  • Download chapters for viewing and printing offline.

Find out how it works

The Safari Visual Studio Help Integration (VSHI) Beta delivers search results from within Visual Studio 2005 Beta Help.

I've used Safari Bookshelf in the past, but I don't recall the ability to print chapters of books. I've also used, which is free through my local library (King County Library System).

Comments (2)

  1. Phil Scott says:

    Hey Rob, the url for the Safari VSHI link is messed up. Looks like you missed the colon after HTTPS

  2. Rob Caron says:

    Fixed. Thanks.

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