New Team System Stuff – 2004-11-08

UPDATE (11/09) - VSTS Event Tonight

If you're in Toronto this evening, be sure to stop by the Toronto VB User Group:

Tuesday, November 9, 2004 at 7:00 pm
A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System

Domain Specific Tools

On Friday, Microsoft announced the availability of the Microsoft Tools for Domain Specific Languages.

Several days and a few hundred downloads later here's what people are saying:

And there are posts from various members of the team that are working on this workbench:

What about UML? Borland is planning to use these very tools to provide UML 2.0 support in Visual Studio 2005 Team System:

Borland to provide UML support to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Borland plans to first support UML 2.0 in its existing Together for Visual Studio .NET modeling solution within the first half of 2005. Borland then expects to use Microsoft's recently announced components to support similar functionality within Visual Studio 2005 Team System upon its availability.

"Software Factories offer a more specific and simplified approach to software development than UML and other modeling languages can provide today," said Rick LaPlante, general manager for the Visual Studio 2005 Team System at Microsoft. "However there may be customers who want a more rigorous approach to visual design, such as UML. For those customers, Borland will be able to provide a modeling solution that can leverage the best of both worlds."

Team System for Developers

Joe Shirey has an article in the November issue of .NET Developer's Journal that puts Visual Studio Team System into perspective for developer's that currently use an assortment of tools:

A Developer's Introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Development in team situations introduces a significant amount of additional challenge and complexity. Today, most savvy teams have assembled a set of tools to complement the Visual Studio IDE when working in a team environment to address these challenges.

At Your Command

Adam Singer, a Software Design Engineer in Test on Team Foundation version control, has been working on command files and shares his knowledge in this post:

Rogues Gallery

Jason Mauss has an amusing post in which he lampoons some stereotypical characters you may have encountered at one time or another:

Deep Thoughts

Korby Parnell shares his deep thoughts on Team Foundation:

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