New Team System Stuff – 2004-10-31

Domain-Specific Language Tools

Christopher Bowen had an early look at the DSL tools and had some comments that he can now share (Microsoft Announces Metadata Framework and DSL Toolkit).


Michael Lehman, who recently worked with the team that's delivering the domain-specific language tools in preparation for OOPSLA, has an item on software factories (Restaurants at the end of the Web...).

Some final items from OOPSLA 2004:

Code Analysis Tools

PREfast: Less Bugs, More Reliability - Pop Quiz. What are the three things a Microsoft developer can't live without? If you guessed: 1) Pizza, 2) Late-night Xbox play-offs, and 3) PREfast, you'd be pretty darn close. Okay, you're saying. I got the first two, obvious. But PREfast?

The latest version of FxCop has been released (v1.312):

FxCop for .Net 1.1:

FxCop for .Net Codename Whidbey Beta 1:

FxCop ships under the Microsoft FxCop EULA.

Unit Testing and Beyond

Steve Rowe has a post that examines the various approaches people take to unit testing - holistic or per method (Approaches To Unit Testing).

Christoph Schittko blogs about a subject that was a hot issue this past summer when it was learned that Visual Studio's new unit testing features would only ship with Visual Studio Team System. Be sure to read Jason Anderson's posts on this topic (Why Unit Testing in Visual Studio Team System and Q&A on Unit Testing in VSTS).

John Tobler has a post that discusses testing that goes beyond unit testing, such as acceptance testing ([Agile Development] Fit and Fitnesse).

Installing Beta 1 Refresh

Ben Miller shares his experience installing Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Visual Studio Team System and reminds anyone doing the same to follow the installation roadmap (Installing VS 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Team Server).


Shrinivas Kulkarni has a couple of blog posts that explain SEI's Personal Software Process (PSP) & Team Software Process (TSP), and is planning to see how they compare with Agile/XP (PSP/TSP - A bottom approach to Quality and Agile/XP development v/s PSP/TSP).

Upcoming Events (New Events)

Want to hear more about Team System? Here are some upcoming events where Visual Studio Team System is on the agenda:

NOV 2004

FEB 2005

Got an event you'd like me to include here? Contact me. Otherwise, I'll just ditch this feature on 11/2.

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