Making the Move to Software Factories; First Stop – DSL Tools

Here's the press release Microsoft issued:

Microsoft Grows Partner Ecosystem Around Visual Studio 2005 Team

New Framework and Tool Streamline Development
and Mark First Step Toward Ecosystem Based on Domain-Specific Designers for
Visual Studio 2005 Team System

And an article on

Microsoft makes software factories move
Microsoft Corp is expected to take its first step in
delivering on a strategy helping ISVs build tools for creating application
models and architectures capable of plugging into the company's application
lifecycle management platform due next year.

And keep an eye on the new Visual Studio Team
System workshop:

Visual Studio Team System Workshop

The Visual Studio
Team System workshop
is where you'll find
information on projects related to Visual Studio 2005 Team System. The first
workbench, for Domain Specific Language (DSL) tools, will be available later
this week. As new projects become available, you will find additional
workbenches in the workshop that support those projects. Check back often or
monitor this blog for workshop news.

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