New to Me: CopySourceAsHTML

This will save some people a lot of time... 

CopySourceAsHTML: Get Code into HTML without Word from the Editor

Earlier this month I let you know about a macro that converts code to HTML for use on web pages or blog posts.  Since then Colin sent me a link to his "Wordless" tool for accomplishing the same thing.  The users reviews for Colin's tool are pretty positive.

" This tool rocks! " - Jake

"wow, yet another amazing addition to the already great IDE environment." - Steve

"This is freakin' awesome!" - Hacked

"One of the cooler VS.NET addins that I've come across" - Ryan

Good Times! Check it out yourself.

Comments (2)

  1. jim says:

    What can I do with this?

  2. Rob Caron says:

    If you’re someone that publishes source code on a web page or in a blog, this will let you preserve the color coding that the editor in Visual Studio uses (e.g., green comments, blue keywords, etc.). It’ll even provide line numbering and alternating line shading.

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