New Team System Stuff – 2004-10-07

Lock 'em Up

Adam Singer, one of the newest Team System bloggers, dives right into a great post on Team Foundation Version Control's locking mechanisms (Locking). After you read that, head over to Korby Parnell's post for some additional color commentary on the topic that includes a comparison with Visual SourceSafe (Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Locking vs Exclusive Checkouts).

Hooked on TDD

Daniel Cazzulino is finding that Test-Driven Development (TDD) can alter your perceptions about your own code (Breathing TDD: learning to distrust yourself). Whenever I see speakers present on TDD, it always seems so burdensome in the context of a small sample application. However, when I reflect on projects I worked on in the past, and then consider how many of the bugs we fixed were for reasons that should've been obvious during development, I can see there must be value in it.

Team System Walkthroughs

As Chris Menegay points out in this post (New Team System Walkthroughs), there's a documentation update you can download ( to update the Whidbey MSDN Library with some Team System content. We revised the walkthroughs that were first published in May and we published some new walkthroughs when Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh hit the Web. There's also some other content in the documentation update, but as Chris notes, there are a lot of placeholders, too. Some of the walkthroughs require particular sample projects, so be sure to grab those, too ( If you have any feedback on documentation you'd like to share, Contact me.

More Tony on Orcas

Channel9 has posted another video interview with Tony Goodhew discussing Orcas (Tony Goodhew - The "Clippy" guide to developing the next version of Visual Studio).

Sam Gentile Reviews Beantown.NET Tonight

I was just about to post this when I saw Sam Gentile's review come in on tonight's presentations at Beantown.NET (Agile Development with .NET, TDD, TestDriven.NET and Team System). TDD seems to really get under everyone's skin - in a good way.

Upcoming Events (New Events)

Want to hear more about Team System? Here are some upcoming events where Visual Studio Team System is on the agenda:



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