New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-28

UML, DSL & Software Factories

Stuart Kent, a Senior Program Manager on Keith Short's team under Steve Cook (who recently appeared at the UK Architect Forum), has a post (UML, DSLs and software factories: let those analogies flow...) in which he puts things into perspective around UML, DSL & Software Factories. This is a must read.

Stuart Kent at OOPSLA

Stuart Kent also notes a schedule change (Not going to UML conference, but will be at OOPSLA) in his October travel plans. Instead of trekking to Lisbon, he'll be presenting a tutorial with Jack Greenfield, Keith Short and Steve Cook on Using Domain Specific Languages, Patterns, Frameworks and Tools to Assemble Applications. For more information, see OOPSLA 2004.

Team Foundation Version Control on the Command Line

Jason Barile has some naming news in his most recent post (What's in a name - redux). He's also curious to know which interface you'll use the most: Visual Studio integration or the command line?

Gunnar on Software Development

Gunnar Kudrjavets has written two more posts (Having majority of the tests implemented before feature is added to the code base and Tips for survival in agile software development world 😉) that make for good reading.

The Class Designer Connection

I have a full litter of pet peeves when it comes to Team System. One of them has to do with the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer. While the Class Designer is built by the same product team as the Distributed System Designers (aka Whitehorse), and they are built on common technology, it is not a Team System feature per se. The Visual Studio Class Designer is available in Visual Studio Standard Edition, Visual Studio Professional Edition and Visual Studio Team System.

Beta 1, Beta 1 Refresh Workaround

If you saw the word "Refresh" and thought you could simply install this release over top of an installation of Beta 1, you may have discovered that this was not the case. Sam Gentile was the first person I know that encountered this problem. After some hacking around together, we were able to find a workaround, which he posted to his blog (Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh Installed and Uninstall procedure for Beta 1).

Go Spelunking with ETW

Matt Pietrek, who successfully popped the big question recently (She said "Of course I will"), has provided an introductory guide to Event Tracing for Windows (Intro to Event Tracing For Windows). Matt used to work at NuMega, which was later acquired by Compuware. Back then, he worked on BoundsChecker.

Compuware and Team System

Speaking of Compuware, they recently announced their roadmap for extending Visual Studio Team System. For more information, see this eWeek article, Compuware Tools for Visual Studio Focus on Reliability and this press release, Award-Winning DevPartner Product Line Strengthens Role as Advisor for Application Development Based on Microsoft Technologies.

Upcoming Events

Want to hear more about Team System? Here are some upcoming events where Visual Studio Team System is on the agenda:

Got an event you'd like me to include here? Contact me.

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