New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-23

Much Ado About DSL's, Software Factories and Modeling

As Harry Pierson points out in this post (Architecture Events), there are several events coming up that focus on stuff like DSL's, Software Factories and Modeling.

What Type of Tests Could a Tester Test, if a Tester Could Test Tests?

Larry Osterman has a great post (Types of testers and types of testing) that discusses the "the kinds of testers and the types of tests" that we have at Microsoft. Of course, Visual Studio Team System equips developers and testers with integrated testing tools, such as unit testing, web testing and stress testing.

Blog-Based Communication

People have often commented how geeky it is to e-mail or instant message someone sitting right next to you. After reading this post (Vertical Transparency) from David Anderson, it occurred to me that it's not unusual for me to learn of things happening within my own product group from our blogs. Is that a new level of geekiness?

Set Sail with Iterative Development

Raj Wall draws an interesting analogy in this post (The Psychology of Iteration (part 1)) for comparing iterative and waterfall software development. While you wait for Part 2, go back and read this mini-series of posts on "patterns of successful software projects" (Part 1, Part 1 Addendum and Part 2).

Team System runat=India

M. Rajesh installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh on top of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1. The surprising thing is, it appears to have worked for him (Visual Studio .NET 2005 Refresh 1...). I'm curious to know if he installed everything, or everything but Team Foundation. That aside, it sounds like the Distributed System Designers and Unit Testing are both well-received.

Team System Decoder Ring

Christopher Bowen has assembled a guide (Team System Codenames - A Guide for the Perplexed) for deciphering the various Team System codenames.


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