New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-22


For more information, see:

MSDN Webcast: Extensibility in Visual Studio 2005 Team System—Level 200

Team System in the News

Joel on Software

No, not that Joel. Joel Semeniuk. Joel has posted a great article on the Distributed System Designers (aka Whitehorse).

2004 SD Reader's Choice Awards

The results were released today in Boston at the SD Best Practices 2004 show. Visual Studio .NET grabbed two:

  • Most Innovative Tool
  • Most Tried and True

Set Your Sights on Agile Sites

Gunnar Kudarjavets has posted a collection of Agile-related sites on his blog. Be sure to check them out.

Mark Levison has compared Subversion with what he's seen of Team Foundation. What do you think?

Tracking the Bug Trackers

Juan Roman Escamilla has posted a fairly comprehensive list of bug tracking tools that are available today.

Get Visual Studio 2005 Team System Bits at MSDN Events

At MSDN Events for the next few months, the DVD you receive will have Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Refresh with Visual Studio 2005 Team System on it.

What do you get for the guy that has everything?

How about a  first-run copy of Software Factories: Assembling Applications with Patterns, Models, Frameworks, and Tools
by Jack Greenfield, Steve Cook, Keith Short and Stuart Kent? Recently, the authors presented an autographed copy of the book to Bill Gates.

Comments (6)

  1. Mark Levison says:

    Thanks for the link, I’m not trying to compare subversion with Team System’s Source Control. I’m trying to see if there is any compelling reason to wait. I’d really hoped some one from the Team System Team would fire a few comments telling me why I should wait.

    In addition I also want to know if our 10 copies of the MSDN Universal license entitle us to run Team System as our Source code control.

  2. Rob Caron says:

    Well, of course I’m going to suggest you wait for Team Foundation. 🙂 I don’t know enough about Subversion to comment about how Team System matches up. I’ll have to get Doug Neumann to drop by here and chime in. As for licensing, we’re a long way from having that figured out.

  3. Tim Farley says:

    Did the webcast at the top of this item go off as planned? Because I signed up for it and installed all the third party software required (2 different applets?)….only to have the Microsoft Events site choke at webcast time and tell me it was having "technical difficulties".

  4. Doug Neumann says:

    I get this question about Subversion rather frequently lately so I’ve honed this answer a bit. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should wait for Team System:

    1. Team System is about much more than source control; it’s a full system to support your software development lifecycle. Beyond source control (which is every bit as powerful as Subversion) Team System has work item tracking, an automated nightly build system, reporting, a team portal, and then we can start talking about dev, test, architect, and project management tools.

    2. Do you develop in Visual Studio? Our VS integration is the deepest in the industry. For you, that means that source control is seamless. You never have to leave VS to checkout, checkin, create branches, merge changes, apply labels, send checkin mail, resolve bugs, kick-off a build, review your code churn metrics, etc.

    3. Have you seen our shelving feature? It’s pretty neat.

    As for the question about your 10 copies of MSDN Universal, you needn’t worry. The official marketing spiel is on buckh’s blog:

  5. Rob Caron says:

    Today’s webcast took place. There were quite a number of participants. I’m sorry to hear you had difficulty. This webcast should be available online for viewing in a week or so.

  6. Mark Levison says:

    Doug thanks for the speedy reply. I updated my original question in my blog with your comments (

    If you have anything more to add, would do the courtesy of commenting on it in my blog?


    Mark Levison

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