New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-20

Moving to Software Factories

The new Ask Burton column is now available. This installment is from Jack Greenfield and Keith Short and discusses the movement to software factories.

Team System Install Success

James Snape had some trouble getting his Team System environment up and running. We worked on it over this past weekend, and in this post he outlines the problems he encountered. Thanks, James, for being so patient!

Adrian Moore is reporting a hard-won success, too. He's curious about importing SCM information from existing products, such as Merant PVCS. The first version of the SCMConvertor Tool that shipped in this release works with Visual SourceSafe.

Team System in a Virtual World

Klaus Aschenbrenner is using the same environment I've used for hosting a Team System environment using the Beta 1 Refresh bits - Virtual PC images running on Virtual Server 2005. As Klaus put it, "Virtual Server 2005 rocks!" Now, if I can just figure out what's tripping him up on Team System, maybe he'll say that Team System rocks.

Covering Code Coverage

Anders Norรฅs has a great post that covers the code coverage feature of Team System. I'm happy to see that he's using the walkthrough projects to demonstrate this feature.

Best Practice: Daily Investigation of Test Case Failures

Gunnar Kudrjavets has a great post that drives home the value of daily builds and subsequently, daily investigation of test case failures. Team System will ship with a build server that will facilitate on demand and scheduled builds, which will include running build verification tests (BVTs).

Team System in the News

ISV Community Days

At ISV Community Days, ramp up on Connected Systems and learn how to position your software for success in the emerging US $11 billion Web services market. Also, get connected to the Microsoft Partner Program. Speaking of which, I never did get my ISV Buddy. ๐Ÿ™

Test Drive Test-Driven Development in Texas

If you want to learn more about Test-Driven Development (TDD), and you happen to be in the vicinity of Fort Worth, Texas, be sure to drop-in on the Fort Worth .NET User Group on Tuesday:

Presenting on Team System

Doug Turnure, a Developer Evangelist in Atlanta, did a presentation on Team System that had PowerPoint working overtime (much to his chagrin apparently). I'm curious to see the slides, if he hasn't deleted them already. ๐Ÿ™‚

Parlate Italiano?

Qui รจ un articolo che confronta la NUnit e Team System Unit Testing. Potete usare sempre Babel Fish per tradurre il testo. No, non parlo italiano. (Update - added missing link for the post. Thanks, Lorenzo.)

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  1. Hey… the link to the italian article is missing…

    But I think that is this:

  2. Rob Caron says:

    That’s the one. Fixed the link. Thanks, Lorenzo.

  3. adams says:

    You can alternatively use Build Manager system at

    This distributed across machines system just help you with daily builds and co-work with VSS automatically for auto labelling and versioning solutions.


    .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2

    C++ Builder / Delphi (soon .NET compilers also)

    Visual SourceSafe (optionally when automatic labelling and code fetching)

    You can sign-up there and receive trial license to use daily builds now.

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