New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-14

Building a Test-Driven Development Example

According to Jonathan Cogley, Test-Driven Development (TDD) is gaining in popularity. James Newkirk, Peter Provost and Brian Button are working on a new TDD example named Bookmark Collection. You can catch-up on this effort by reading the following posts:

BorCon & VSLive! Events

There are two conferences happening on opposite sides of the US this week: Borland's BorCon in San Jose and Fawcette's VSLive! in Orlando. According to Robert Green, you can watch videos of Soma's keynote on The Future of Microsoft Development Tools and Dave Mendlen's keynote on Connected Systems and Service Orientation at the Fawcette web site. Soma also has a post from VSLive! up on his blog. Soma also announced a new Visual Studio edition: Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. At BorCon, Borland announced their Software Delivery Optimization strategy, which eWeek notes will simultaneously compete with and augment Team System.

Stuart Kent on MDA Compliance

Stuart Kent, a Senior Program Manager on the Team Architect team (aka Whitehorse), asks the question, "What does it mean to be MDA compliant?"

I read on Jim Steel's blog that back in August there was lots of discussion on OMG lists about what makes a compliant MDA tool. I followed a link from his blog to this entry, and there were three aspects that intrigued me.

Team System Now on Product Feedback Center

The MSDN Product Feedback Center now supports filing bugs against Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Here's the category structure:

  • Class Designer
  • Code Analysis
  • Code Coverage
  • Distribute System Designers
  • Help and Documentation (not in the list yet, but it'll be there soon!)
  • Load Testing
  • MS Excel Integration
  • MS Project Integration
  • Other Testing Tools
  • Portfolio Project Creation
  • Portfolio Project Web Site
  • Profiling Tools
  • Setup / Installation
  • Source Control
  • Unit Testing
  • Work Item Tracking

Testing Private Methods

Anders Norås has a great blog post with code from the Woodgrove Bank sample that examines private method testing in Team System's Unit Testing feature.

Dateline Kuala Lumpur

Harry Pierson is still trekking around the Far East - blogging this post from Kuala Lumpur at TechEd Malaysia.

Update - shortly after posting this, Harry posted again, in which he speaks highly of Gurpreet Pall's presentation on Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Team System Install Failures

There have been a lot of blog posts on the subject of Team System installations, both successes and failures. I'm going to cover all of those in a separate post today or tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to offer some guidance that will help eradicate some of those failures. Until then, be sure to keep up with the Ask Burton FAQ (rss).


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