New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-10

YABFVSNC (Yet Another Blogger from Visual Studio North Carolina) - Adam Singer (RSS), an SDE/T on Team System Source Control (aka Hatteras), has joined the team in our North Carolina offices and has started blogging:

Hello, world

My name is Adam Singer, and I recently moved to the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. I've joined the Visual Studio Team System group here as a Software Design Engineer in Test. While VSTS is a whole suite of new functionality, spanning every bit of the software development process from architecture to development, testing to deployment, I'm testing the source-code control component.

Thanks to Jason Barile for the link to that.

You can find a somewhat complete list of Team System Bloggers here.

I think I linked to this one before, but just in case...I also added a link to Xin Zou's blog (RSS), but you'll either need to know Chinese or have Babel Fish handy.

Speaking of Chinese, Harry Pierson is heading to Tech·Ed China in Beijing.

Quick Architecture Takes

It's been quiet around here as I'm prepping for my next trip abroad. TechEd Malaysia and Bejing are next week and I'm presenting at both, plus I'm stopping over in Tokyo to meet with the local field architects. Should be pretty cool. I did TechEd Malaysia two years ago, but I've never been to China before so I'm pretty excited.

One of the challenges with a v1 product like Team System is coming up with names for stuff. For the most part, we're not creating names like IntelliSense or ActiveX. Instead, we're calling things what they are. Here are some recent namings:

  • C/C++ Source Code Analysis - Team System's integration of PREfast.
  • Managed Binary Code Analysis - Team System's integration of FxCop.
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