New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-09

Here is what's new today in 475 characters or less - Michael Lehman has Team System running on three Virtual PC's in Virtual Server 2005, Alex Torone needs your help, Roy Osherove shares his recent Test-Driven Development success, Jay Bazuzi compares Team System Unit Testing with NUnit, Steve Tockey from Construx has a new book - Return on Software, Rick LaPlante is keynoting at BorCon 2004 in San Jose next week, and Christopher Bowen blogs about Code Camp II in October.

Michael Lehman got his Team System environment set up using 3 Virtual PC's and then hosted them on Virtual Server 2005. This is essentially how I run Team System in my office.

Virtual Server/PC Rocks VS2005 Team Foundation!

Ok, well I've been consumed recently with getting an installation of VS2005 Team System working without having to go out and buy a couple of extra servers. And I got it working!

Alex Torone really wants your feedback on Custom Settings in Team Architect's Distributed System Designers. Check out the post I made earlier today and let him know what you think. If can demonstrate a blog is a good way to get some feedback on design issues, which I'm calling "Help Us Help You", I'd like to post other things that are still in flux.

Roy Osherove shares his recent success with Test-Driven Development:

How Test Driven Development proved itself in a big way!

Over the past year or so I've been going around trying to tell people how and why test-driven development will help their development process. Its hard to convince people. It's actually still hard sometimes, even after people have had real-hands on experience (after attending one of my TDD workshops). Why? because its just too good to be true , sometimes. And being afraid of what to tell your boss matters too.

On a related note, Jay Bazuzi compares NUnit to Team System Unit Testing:

Separating out unit tests

Overall, the behavior of the unit testing in Burton and NUnit are very similar. If you're comfortable with NUnit, it should be very easy for you to make the transition.

One of the motivations for owning Team System is to maximize the return on software investments. I got an e-mail from Construx today announcing a new book by Steve Tockey called Return on Software that examines the business side of software development. Steve teaches the Software Management Boot Camp at Construx, which I'd like to attend someday. I haven't read the book yet, but the site does have some sample chapters that look promising.

Return on Software

Maximizing the return of a software organization's investment of money, time, and manpower is the theme of Steve Tockey's new book, Return on Software. Published by Addison Wesley Professional, the book is designed to help software professionals better understand the business consequences of their technical choices.

Rick LaPlante is keynoting at BorCon;

Microsoft and Sun Microsystems to Keynote at Borland Conference 2004

Rick LaPlante, general manager of the Visual Studio 2005 Team System at Microsoft, will follow on Monday, September 13, 2004 at 11:30 am to discuss "Productivity and Predictability in the Software Development Lifecycle." LaPlante's keynote addresses the need for software development lifecycle tools and how Microsoft and Borland deliver software that help teams communicate and collaborate more effectively. It will also highlight upcoming advances in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and the .NET Framework.

Christopher Bowen is publicizing Code Camp II, which is an upcoming .NET developer event this October in Waltham, MA. On the session list is a presentation by Christopher called What’s New in Visual Studio 2005?, which will focus on Team System:

Upcoming Massachusetts .NET Developer Events

The weekend of October 16th and 17th will be Code Camp II, a FREE developer-to-developer event featuring a large number of diverse sessions on .NET topics. I'll be delivering a few sessions (ASP.NET v2.0, VS Team System and Agile Development) and eagerly attending the others when I'm not speaking. You can go here to register.

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