New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-07

Korby Parnell has a step-by-step guide to reporting Team System bugs using the MSDN Product Feedback Center (aka Ladybug):

How To: Report Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Bugs

If you get a chance to install and play around with the Community Technology Preview of Visual Studio Team Foundation in late 2004 or one of the Beta releases in early 2005 and if you encounter a product bug or want to make a feature suggestion--especially something related to documentation--please raid it in Ladybug.

Scott Sargent has installed the Beta 1 Refresh and is enjoying the unit testing capabilities:

VSTS Unit testing

This post is predominantly about unit testing, but first a little dilbert: It seems that everyone in a the software development field knows about dilbert, I am absolutely positive that Scott Adams works for my company and has been in many of our meetings. Well, sunday's dilbert describes in a single comic most of our projects. Here's a link: Sunday's Dilbert Its really kind of frightening how accurate that is at times.

Michael Yuan is having some challenges dealing with the DVD ISO image. He wasn't able to use the Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel for Windows XP, but it sounds like ISOBuster worked.

Virtual PC and DVD

It is quite frustrating to discover that Virtual PC 2004 does not support DVD ISO images larger than 2.2 GB. I downloaded the latest VS 2005 beta DVD image from MSDN Subscription site (the CD ISO images do not have Team System support) and tried to mount it on my Virtual PC. This is the message I got.

Søren Lund agrees with Jon Box's assessment of Team System:

p u b l i c v o i d . d k - Overview of Microsoft Visual Team System

I stumbled on a comment regarding Microsoft Team System where the person compared TS with the difference between walking and riding a bicycle and frankly I couldn't agree more.

James Vastbinder was kind enough to point to my post about the survey Team Architect is running. If you have a moment, how about sharing your opinions?

8 days late, but wanted to help spread the word for Team Architect

Rob Caron posted this message about the Team Architect/Whitehorse team seeking your feedback.
To find login information and to gain access, point your browsers here:

This one's worth repeating, sure to read Jason Anderson's post on Static Analysis:

Overview of Static Analysis in VSTS

After some subtle (and others not so subtle) feedback, I've moved the larger post 'Visual Studio Team System: Overview of Static Analysis' off of the main page.

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