New Team System Stuff – 2004-09-05

A weekend update...

Jason Anderson, a Program Manager on the Enterprise Development and Test (EDT) team, has a great post that provides an overview of static analysis (or as some call it, code analysis):

Visual Studio Team System: Overview of Static Analysis

In earlier posts I've written about some of the VSTS features around code quality from a testing perspective. This time around I wanted to go into improving code quality from a development standpoint… specifically, Static Analysis.

Darren Jefford, a consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services in the UK, shares his experience installing Visual Studio 2005 Team System and reminds you of our documentation update on GDN Workspaces:

Installing Visual Studio Team System

Team System Sample Projects and Documentation update

Aaron Skonnard points to Richard Turner's post on SO Analysis:

Richard on SO Analysis

Richard's take on SO Analysis (as opposed to OO Analysis) is here. This addresses one of the most fundamental questions that most Web services developers struggle with - what should be a service?

Chris Rathjen, a tester for Visual Studio Team System source control, has a post on the issue of source control security:

Just because you're paranoid...

One area of testing I focus on that is not "feature-specific" is security, and I haven't blogged about that so far, so now seems like a good time. If you think "security" is a separate feature, let me know - I don't view it as such, so that might make a good separate topic later on.

Jean-Luc David just returned from attending a Team System developer lab here in Redmond and shares his observations in this post:

Team System Labs

I just came back from Redmond from some amazing training sessions on Team System. I can't really blog too much about it because some of the sessions were NDA, but I took some interesting photos I can share with you

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