New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-28

As Keith Rowe announced in his blog, the MSF Agile content is available for your review:

MSF Agile preview is now available!

And now, as promised, I'm pleased to announce that we have the first preview of MSF Agile available. As I said in a previous post, MSF Agile is one of our new methodologies. These methodologies will be baked directly into the tool. By selecting one, you will change the way the source control, work item tracking, reporting, and many other tool features work. Of course, they are extensible and replaceable if you want to do something different.

I know there were some problems with accessing the workspace. As luck would have it, the GotDotNet Workspaces Team started updating the Workspaces site on Thursday. Hopefully, things are running a bit more smoothly now.

The news of the upcoming CTP release started showing up in the media:

Fun Jin Lim has several posts on his blog about an event that was held in Bellevue this past week for MSDN Regional Directors. In this post, he blogs about his impressions of Visual Studio Team System:

F U N J 's Blurbs and More..

Whoa, it was a brain draining day where we had sessions from 8am all the way to 10pm! I was totally blown away by the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 Team System tools, which are essentially a set of development and application testing tools integrated into VS.NET IDE. It has a wonderful unit testing module which can generate unit test programs/cases based on existing source codes as well as generate actual code templates based on test programs! Very slick.

Edgar Sánchez was there, too.

Gunnar Kudrjavets points to James Bach's blog as a source for good software testing info:

Another interesting blog on software testing and quality

Through the discussion in internal e-mail alias I discovered James Bach’s blog. As he describes it: "Rapid, heuristic, exploratory software testing. An intellectual, anti-clerical approach to testing." I have now spent already significant amount of time reading through the entries and there’s plenty of good stuff 😉 Bach’s company has also pointers to a number of interesting articles and presentations.

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    I first visited James Bach’s blog over two years ago ( New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-28 ), but I must’ve

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