New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-21

Shawn Morrissey recently interviewed Steve McConnell for MSDN TV. The interview touches on subjects that come close to Visual Studio Team System, and I wish Shawn Morrissey had asked Steve for his opinion on what we're trying to do.

A couple of months ago I blogged about a Steve McConnell event I attended. Afterwards, I asked him for his opinion of Team System, which had been announced two weeks prior. He wasn't completely familiar with it, but what he had to say was similar to what he told Shawn when asked about software tools that enable a prescribed process:

"Tools are very important element of defining a path of least resistance. If I can set up a tool so that it’s easier for a developer to do something the way that I want the developer to do it, and harder for the developer to do it some other way, then I think it’s very likely the developer is going to do it the way I want them to, because it’s easier. It’s the path of least resistance."

Although Willem Odendaal isn't happy with Visual SourceSafe, it sounds like he may give Team System Source Control a shot:

Haunted by source control

I can't wait for something new. Maybe in VS2005's team system?

Eric Jarvi, an SDE/T on the Enterprise Performance Tools Team, points to Rico Mariani's blog where he regularly posts on performance topics and challenges developers with performance quizzes:

test your skills

Rico posts some fun performance quizzes on his blog:

Harry Pierson, an architect and the voice of the .NET Architecture Dev Center, has started a blogroll of architect bloggers on his DevHawk site:

Another Team Blogger

Speaking of the Architecture Strategy team, I finally took 5 minutes to term serv into the machine that hosts DevHawk to update the theme. I keep mentioning the Architecture Strategy extended team OPML file, but I wanted to add a blogroll to the site theme. Now, I have a Team Blogroll on the left hand side of my website featuring all of my blogging teammates as well as all the blogging architect evangelists. Enjoy.

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  1. I used to use visual source safe,though i does provide the integration with vs2003 still ,it gives some real pain too.So recently i’ve switched to subversion ,though i does not provides that good integration with vs2003 ,it does gives you the opportunity to work in local domain or over the internet.Also provides a cool client written in c# named tortoise( )

    Will team system could be a better one in place of subversion.


    Mehfuz Hossain

    Web solution developer(

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