New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-15

You may (or may not) notice that I've removed the growing blogroll I've had of Microsofties blogging about Visual Studio Team System. I wanted an easier way to maintain and eventually annotate the list, so I moved them to a separate page (as a .TEXT article). You can find them all here and linked from my MSFT Bloggers blogroll.

Logu Krishnan blogs about Visual Studio Team System from TechEd India at Chennai:

Chillout Lounge

Keith Rowe, talked about VSTS. VSTS is a life-cycle tools platform, which we are really missing in the Microsoft World, this is a very great effort and somehow caught my immediate attention. Believe me this is not yet another Marketing Product, but this is a much matured attempt to solve today’s software development needs. If you are an infrastructure architect/ technical architect/ Project Manager/Lead’s you will understand the real need of this project. VSTS is just Wow!

Although we are encouraged not to use code names externally, Brian Noyes is helping people understand what Whitehorse and Burton represent:

.NET Ramblings - Brian Noyes' Blog - Clearing up the lingo: Whitehorse, Burton, Visual Studio Team System

A lot of people are throwing around the terms “Whitehorse”, “Burton”, “Visual Studio Team System”, “Class Designer” and others and incorrectly mixing and matching the combinations. Here is some information to help make things clear to those who might be a little confused by code-name mumbo jumbo.

William Zentmayer challenges the notion of non-Web service based SOA's:

Doing SOA without Web Services? I'm skeptical.

Recently I've become a bit more sensitive to claims that people have been doing SOA for "a long time" and with technologies such as COM/DCOM, CORBA and Java RMI. Frankly... I just don't buy it.

Soma, the VP for Developer Division, blogs about the Security Development Lifecycle [sic].

Security - an integral part of VS2005 product development

Like most teams at Microsoft, our process will build on the ‘Security Development Lifecycle’ or SDL. The SDL consists of six phases – Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Release and Response.

One of my pet peeves is the use of "lifecycle" (or worse, "LifeCycle") in Microsoft documentation. Per the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, it should be:

life cycle: Two words. Hyphenate as an adjective.

Ian White blogs about the recent arrival of the complimentary TechEd DVD's that each attendee of TechEd USA is receiving this week. As Ian notes, in addition to the DVD content, there are some demos on the Team System dev center.

TechEd DVDs

So, the TechED DVD's arrived today, all 5 of em.

I realised there are some demos up on MSDN ( for the various parts of Team System.

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