Now Blogging: Josh Christie & Ishai Ben Aroya

Josh Christie [RSS], a developer on Visual Studio Team System's load testing tools, has launched his blog:

Welcome to the world of Visual Studio Team System web and load testing

I'd like to start this blog by introducing myself. I'm a Software Design Engineer (SDE) working on the next generation web and load testing tools in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Specifically, my work focuses on coded web tests, the browser recorder, and the web test object model.

Flying stealthily under my radar, Ishai Ben Aroya [RSS] (a developer on Visual Studio Team System's profiler), has been blogging since June! My apologies for not finding you sooner:

Why doesn’t sampling show the actual time spent in each function?

Some people have asked for a “wall clock time” column in the sampling profiler report. Unfortunately, the actual time spent in a function cannot be reliably deduced from the collected data.

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