New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-11

Wipro, the world's 1st PCMM, CMM, CMMi Level 5 software services company, has announced their support for Visual Studio Team System:

Newsroom :: Wipro News

Wipro Technologies, the global IT services division of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), today announces support for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and looks forward to driving better integration between developers and IT administrators. Wipro feels confident that this will make designing, developing, and deploying applications a more efficient and predictable process.

The Visual Studio Team System blogroll has gained two bloggers: Josh Christie and Ishai Ben Aroya. For more information, see this post.

John Cunningham needs your help with the integrated process guidance in Visual Studio Team System:

Help! To policy, methodology or just plain old help?

I volunteered to work on a feature for other groups in VSTS that are responsible for integrating methodology guidance (such as MSF, MSFAgile, or your very own custom process guidance) and policy guidance (e.g. "my group says that the definition of a priority 1 bug is the application crashes"). What I'm trying to get my head around is when you want either of these help topics retuned versus getting the help for the actual window you are interacting with.

If you're in the Houston, Texas area and you're interested in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), you'll want to be at the Houston .NET Users Group (HDNUG) meeting tomorrow (8/12):

August Houston .NET User Group Meeting

HDNUG will be having their August meeting tomorrow, August 12, 2004, featuring Ken Cottrell, who will be speaking on service oriented architectures. This month's tip & trick will be done by HDNUG's brave leader, Ben Levy, who will discuss "Stupid IDE Tricks". The feature speaker is Ken Cottrell, who will discuss one of the hottest (and least understood) topics in distributed applications: Service-Oriented Architectures. Besides the awesome speakers lined up, a little birdie told me that the grand prize for HDNUG's raffle will be a way-cool Dell Axim X30 PocketPC with built-in 802.11b wireless!

By way of J. Sawyer and David Waddleton.

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