Pacific Nortwest Software Quality Conference – October 11-13, Portland, OR

The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Assurance Conference

Wayne Allen has a post that he and Ward Cunningham have been invited to participate in a panel discussion at the Fall 2004 PNSQC at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon this October (11th - 13th):

Agile Panel Discussion

Ward Cunningham and I have been invited to represent the Agile software development proponents at a panel discussion co-sponsored by the Rose City SPIN and PNSQC. The panel discussion is titled "Agile and Traditional Development: A Creative Synergy" and will be 5:30pm on October 13, 2004 in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC).

Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner for Visual Studio Team System and inaugural blogger on Ask Burton, will keynote on the second day of the conference. Call me psychic, but I suspect he'll have something to say about Team System:

What Does a Tester Need to Know in 2005 and Beyond?

Since the dot-boom went dot-bust, software testers have felt the impact of changing business practices. In a "do more with less" world, the skills and knowledge that software testers need to be successful and employable have been shifting. We'll identify the changes that testers are likely to encounter in the next five years.

Pssst....hey, PNSQC, how 'bout making it a little easier to figure out where this conference is? I only found the location mentioned on one page, Exhibiting Information, and not on a single page for attendees.

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