Rush Meet and Greet at XM Radio

After the taping at XM Radio, Alex & Geddy did a meet & greet session for audience members to get photos and autographs. They had a professional photographer at the event and I just got an e-mail saying the pics are ready. Here's the thumbnail of my picture:

Comments (4)

  1. Cool. Way, way, cool.

    Take care,


  2. Ross says:

    I thought there were three people in Rush?

  3. dh says:

    If I may interject an answer to the trio question – if you get their Rush In Rio DVD, you will see in the extra features section that Geddy sez that Neil (Peart) does not do the interview / public appearance thing since he lost his loved ones (or maybe he never did).

    BTW, that is too cool getting your photo with them like that. I’ll be jealous for life. 🙂

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