Updates to Visual Studio Team System Developer Center

After being somewhat static since it came on the scene a few months ago, we're starting to hammer the Team System Developer Center into shape. In this iteration, we've cleared out some of the static content and added some areas that will be more dynamic, like a headlines section at the top of the page like you see on other developer centers.

I made several attempts to get new content posted on the AskBurton blog, but that never seemed to pan out. The original idea was to have members of the team post as guest authors every other week. However, just about everybody I approached decided to launch their own blog or was otherwise occupied. Since that was getting stale, we've moved my blog (the Visual Studio Team System feed of it to be exact) into that spot on the developer center.

Event though we're not quite a v1 product yet, I'd like to ask:

  • How can we make this site more useful for you?
  • What kind of information do you want to see?
  • How should we organize the sub-sites, by product (Team Architect, Team Developer, Team Test & Team Foundation) or by role (architect, project manager, developer, tester, team development)?
  • How often should the content change?

A special thanks to Christa Carpentiere, who manages our developer center in addition to managing the Data Access and Storage Developer Center, for making all of the changes. Expect to see more updates over the coming weeks.

Comments (1)

  1. A1&2) This whole concept of working with Team System is new. To get it implemented in an development center, it will require some material on how one benefits from the process, how does one go ahead and implement this process in an company etc. Get the managements thinking and buying on this system.

    Since unless there is stuff that can be used to feed to the management, its not going to be an easy job to get them hooked to using thsi system.

    A3) If possible BOTH. The reason is that one would come to this site in 2 different frames of mind.

    When I come to this site to learn, then I look for information related to my role, and how it will help me perform my job better.

    But also when I have specific product issues I am facing, or want to learn more about a feature I have in the product, I’ll always like things grouped by the product I am using. It will be almost impossible for me to figure out the information I seek, if its grouped by roles.

    About once a week would be a good starter. Gives me enough time to catch up with things slowly, rather than be bombarded and overwhelmed with stuff I can read.

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