New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-04

Still getting caught-up after being out for a day or so...

John Lawrence, a dev manager on Visual Studio Team System, tries out the new Team System (Burton) Wiki:

My first wiki edit

Someone on the recently created internal Burton bloggers mailing list pointed out this cool Burton wiki. I've not ever used a wiki before, so this was a good opportunity to take the plunge and make my first wiki edits. I added Currituck to the codenames page and created a new page explaining that Currituck is the codename for Work Item Tracking within Team System.

The Enterprise Performance Tools Team blog has a new post from Steve Carroll, a developer on the team. This time, he discusses the difference between elapsed time and application time:

What is the difference between Elapsed and Application Time?!

In instrumentation mode, we give 4 varieties of statistics for each function in the reports:
- Elapsed Inclusive
- Elapsed Exclusive
- Application Inclusive
- Application Exclusive
The first post in this series is here and discusses the difference between Inclusive and Exclusive time.

Chris Rathjen, a tester on Visual Studio Team System source control, contributes this post about the impact branching has on project files:

Branching project and solution files

Solutions and project files under source control will use relative paths, so branching shouldn't automatically break them. I'm sure we'll have to chase down a few corner cases relating to this, because this is one of those things where there simply is no easy answer, but it should “Just Work” for those who aren't going out of their way to create a weird Visual Studio / Hatteras environment.

Peter Provost is joining Microsoft:

Peter Takes the Red Pill

I am going to Microsoft.
On August 30, I will start my new job as a Software Design Engineer (SDE) in the Platform Architecture Guidance Group. I will have the pleasure of working directly with James Newkirk, Sandy Khaund, Scott Densmore and the other PAG SDEs as well as many other amazing people like Ward Cunningham and David Trowbridge.

Jack Greenfield, an architect on the Team Architect (aka Whitehorse) team, has an article on Software Factories on

Jack Greenfield on Software Factories

Microsoft has released a new site on the MSDN Developers Center, called the Software Factories center. In this article Jack Greenfield, architect of Microsoft Visual Team System, discusses where UML and MDA-based tools fall short, and how Software Factories, a new approach to the idea of building systems "in the large", tries to solve the problems of model-driven design.

Nick, an attendee at TechEd Australia, shares his perspective on Visual Studio Team System:

Thoughts on Visual Studio Team System

I've been thinking a fair bit about VSTS (aka Whitehouse) since yesterday. It's fairly obvious that MS wants to move into the complete development lifecycle market - while VSTS does not include a requirements tracking tool it includes everything else (issue tracking, source control, load testing etc, etc) and is fully extensible.

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