Rush Redux

Posting from another Rush concert - this time from Nissan Pavilion in Virginia; got to meet Geddy & Alex at a taping of XM Radio's Artist Confidential show on Rush (hosted by George Taylor Morris) earlier today; what an awesome day.

[UPDATED to include links]

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  1. Scott Allen says:

    Gosh darn – I was there too and sitting right beside the sound board area. I got to watch a guy with three Alienware laptops control some of the video effets. It would have been much cooler to meet Geddy and Alex…

  2. dh says:

    That is too cool. I’ve been a Rush fan since All the World’s a Stage in 1977-ish. That must have been a thrill to meet them.

  3. Hmph! In my neighborhood, and you don’t even send an email?

  4. After the taping at XM Radio, Alex & Geddy did a meet & greet session for audience members to…

  5. Rob Caron says:

    At White River again with my daughter for another Rush concert (see Figure the Odds and Rush Redux ).

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