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Jim Presto [RSS], a tester on the Visual Studio Team System source control team (aka Hatteras), has started blogging. Jim joins a prolific group of source control bloggers, including Buck Hodges, James Manning, Chris RathjenKorby Parnell and Jason Barile. Source control has to be the most blogged about feature areas of Team System. Along with his inaugural post, he has a post about the new check-in experience:

Hatteras Source Control - Test Intro

I (Jim Presto) am one of the testers for the Hatteras source control system. The majority of my focus is testing of the Visual Studio integration of Hatteras. It is always interesting testing UI - UI changes over time, localization/globalization issues, and accessibility - to name just a few.

Hatteras Checkin Experience

Earlier, I refered to the term 'Checkin Experience' - I would like to expand on that a bit to make sure everyone is aware of what it it.

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