New Team System Stuff – 2004-08-02

Posting a little early today 'cause I have a busy afternoon/evening ahead of me...

3Leaf has launched a Team System Wiki!

Early Adopter: Unofficial Visual Studio Team System (Burton) Wiki Goes Live!

We hope that you will use this wiki as a resource for TeamSystem as the product matures and is released. We also hope that you will take part in this community by adding your voice to it. If you have never used a wiki before, you will be surprised how quick and easy it is to edit any page, add links and create new topics. See "Getting Started with Wiki" (below) and join in with your observations, insights, questions and concerns. has a discussion thread going about the pair of interviews with Rick LaPlante and Grady Booch that appeared on eWeek:

IBM and Microsoft square off on software development models

A set of articles and interviews discussing software lifecycle models have come out talking to Grady Booch of Rational (now part of IBM) about Microsoft's Team System product, and Rick LaPlante, Microsoft's general manager of Visual Studio Team System. It's an interesting back-and-forth about Team System and its goals and ability to achieve them.

Keith Rowe is traveling in India for TechEd India:

Let me buy you a lassi!

I'm traveling through India over the next two weeks. I'll be presenting at TechEd India in Bangalore on 8/4 and again in Chennai on 8/11. If you're interested in VS Team System and you're in the neighborhood, I'd love to meet you.

Paul Gielens has a post on software factories in which he mentions the Greenfield and Short book on the subject:

Thoughts on Modern Software Factories (1),

The craftsmanship of software engineering is facing a new challenge because the software industry might be industrialized [Greenfield and Short]. I can almost hear you think that developing software simply cannot be industrialized. It would loose all aspects we like so much about our work, wouldn’t it? If anyone should know I would.

Mickey Gousset posted a link to Jim Fawcette's blog:

Team System Rocks!: Fawcette on Modelling...

Jim Fawcette has a blog piece on Microsoft and IBM's different attempts at modeling, and how they are pursueing different markets.

With the introduction of Whitehorse, the modeling component of Visual Studio 2005 Team System, which was demonstrated this week at VSLive! New York, and IBM's announcement early this week of "Atlantic," the code name for its next-generation UML modeling tool, neé Rational, the two appear headed on a collision course.

Michael Flanakin on Microsoft's "uphill battle":

Team System, MDA: Not a Viable Strategy

Uphill battle? What? Do you know what you're talking aboug? I don't think so. Microsoft has the undisputed best IDE. What does this mean? It means that more users use - and love - Visual Studio than any other product. So, by giving people another tool for free, I don't see people arguing. I highly doubt anyone will say, “I don't think I'm going to upgrade to VS05 because of the new modeling features.” Come on. Seriously.

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