New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-30

I was beginning to think today would be void of Visual Studio Team System blog posts, but Brian White has pitched in and written two that touch on the core features of Team Foundation, Work Item Tracking & Source Control:

Brian White: The Makings of Visual Studio Team System Work Item Types

Visual Studio Team System is extensible. For work item tracking that means you have the ability to define your own work item types. One person’s bug is another person’s defect, requirement, feature, risk, issue, change request, or task. In doing the design, we decided to first be capable of defining work item types in XML and then using that XML definition to instantiate a work item type in the team system database.

Brian White: The Checkout/Checkin Model is Antiquated with a capital "A"

While I don’t believe the checkout/checkin model is broken, I do believe it is incredibly antiquated. You can see the winds of change in development environments like Visual Studio where as a developer you can simply start working on a source file and it is automatically checked out for you. So long and good riddance to checkout.

And Korby Parnell has some commentary on Rick LaPlante's eWeek interview:

Korby Parnell: The Goal of Visual Studio Team System?

An interview of Rick LaPlante (GM of VS Team System) appears in today's eWeek: Microsoft's VSTS Goal: Creating a Mass Market for Enterprise Tools. What exactly are the goals of Visual Studio Team System? Here are a few telling quotes from a great, albeit lengthy, interview...

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