New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-29 (Late Edition)

Not sure how I missed these, but Mickey Gousset sure didn't. He posted about this eWeek interview with Rick LaPlante:

Team System Rocks!: Rick LaPlante eWeek Interview

Rick shares his views on VSTS. Its a six-page interview, but it is very interesting the whole way through.

And about another article eWeek has on Bill Gates talking about modeling and the designers in Team Architect (Whitehorse):

Team System Rocks!: Gates Talks About Modeling

Once again, Bill Gates is talking about modeling and how important it is to the company's development strategy. Given all the work that appears to have gone into Whitehorse so far, and all of VSTS, I think Microsoft is on the right track. All the .NET developers I have talked to are extremely excited about VSTS.

Thanks, Mickey!

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