eWeek: IBM Rational: Rival Microsoft Faces Uphill Battle

To compare and contrast with the Microsoft side of the story, eWeek also has an interview with Grady Booch that views Visual Studio Team System from his perspective and how it relates to IBM Rational's offerings:

eWeek: IBM Rational: Rival Microsoft Faces Uphill Battle

At the recent Rational Software Development User Conference, IBM Fellow and IBM Rational Chief Scientist Grady Booch delivered a keynote on his predictions of the software development landscape circa 2032, the 50th anniversary of Rational. Following his keynote, Booch sat down with eWEEK Senior Writer Darryl K. Taft to discuss Rational's development strategy going forward and the new competition from Microsoft Corp., which will enter the application lifecycle development tools market next year with Visual Studio Team System. Booch, a co-creator of UML (Unified Modeling Language), also discussed why the language is so relevant to the tools space.

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  1. whhaaaa??? e-Week not praising Microsoft. What's next ... Nitrogen in our air or something?!?!

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