Joel Semeniuk: Beta 1 – And Still No Team System?

Joel From Canada is getting anxious about not having all of the Visual Studio Team System bits to try. His concern, which is understandable, is that Visual Studio Team System will not receive the same level of scrutiny as the rest of Whidbey. The Team Foundation portion of Visual Studio Team System is forthcoming. As Rick LaPlante noted in the newsgroups recently, you can expect to see more of Team System in the coming months. Despite the fact that Team System is a freshman product for the general public, many of the pieces are based on veteran tools we have used at Microsoft for some time.

Joel Semeniuk: Beta 1 - And Still No Team System?

I just installed VS.NET 2005 (well, that’s not true. I installed it the day that it went up on MSDN). If you know me, you know that I’m excited about Team System – or at least from what I have read about it. You see, I haven’t actually seen Team System in action yet – except for the walkthroughs published on the Team System site and of course the “end to end” demo (end to end as long as you are a developer who focuses on Developer tools. In my crazy mixed up world software begins and ends with requirements – so, I’m slightly bummed that the “analysis” workflow isn’t really represented in much of what I read about Team System).

I hope you can give us some very vocal feedback once you get to see the "whole enchilada".

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