Community Policing – Home-grown FxCop Rules

A few days ago, Brad Abrams pointed to Brady Gaster's site and talked about home-grown FxCop rules. I'm hoping that the adoption of Visual Studio Team System will also act as a catalyst for such work. As you might have heard, the FxCop team is now part of Team System.

Brad Abrams: New FxCop rules from the community

Four or so years ago when we got serious about FxCop internally one of the main design points we had is that the community would not only find value in the rules we created, but would also add their own. I see today that at least one person has started doing just that. Thanks Brady

fxcop rule : checking for IDataReader in method parameters

Know of any others?

From the comments section of Brad's post, there are links to some others sites related to FxCop that'll be of interest to rule writers: - has some homespun FxCop rules for download - an MSDN Magazine column on FxCop rule building - a work in progress - the FxCop team site

And of course, there's the FxCop team blog:


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