New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-16

Keith Short is leaving for vacation, but leaves us with something to read in his absence:

Keith Short: Cruising in Desolation Sound and the Software Factories Article

But as promised in an earlier posting, here’s a link to the Software Factory article Jack Greenfield and I published in Software Development, July 2004. I'll pick up the dialog when I return.

James Manning is looking for your help on the Visual Studio Team System source control command line View option:

James Manning: what to call an option to dump to stdout?

I'm working on our “view” command where you can view older versions of files as you want - as an example “h view foo.cs;C123” would view the version of foo.cs at changeset 123 “h view $/bar/ack.cs;Lfoo” would view that server item with the version pointed to by the “foo” label. One of the things we've decided about view (and hence its name) is that we're going to fire off the registered viewer for the filetype. This makes a lot of sense to us - if you're doing an “h view x.y” on some 16MB texture file, surely it's more useful that it get brought up in your registered viewer of texture files instead of dumped out to stdout. On the subject though – do you have a preference for whether the default for the command (whatever the command is called) is “send to stdout” vs “invoke registered viewer”? Our thoughts are the registered viewer is the right default with an option for stdout, but maybe there are very-common scenarios we’re missing.

Both Korby Parnell and Chris Rathjen are interested, too: Chris Rathjen: Another naming "RFC" & Korby Parnell: Renaming STDOUT?

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