New to Me: Worth 1000

"Is not this whole world an illusion? And yet it fools everybody." - Angela Carter

I hadn't seen this site before, but it is likely the #1 source for most of those bogus, urban legend-style photos that appear from time to time and flood everybody's inbox.

Worth1000 is the top creative competition and photoshop contest site on the web. Don't take our word for it. Let our 2,940 galleries of 96,042 original images speak for themselves.

Comments (6)

  1. SimonTocker says:

    Don’t forget I seem to get loads from here.

  2. Alex Odintsov says:

    Did you notice this one: ? 🙂

  3. Alex Odintsov says:

    hmm, link does not work, but if you copy and paste the URL it will show up.

  4. Rev says: actually turns out some of the most reused urban-legend photos.

  5. I’ll back up the comment about – lots of original work there, and it’s a bit more hardcore (in the nicest way)

  6. Mike says:

    Worth1000 is pretty good, but ugh fark, there is a distinct lack of talent there (most of the good farkers left for w1k or sa).

    IMHO the one that pretty much started it all and is still the best is Many of the early "fakes" and a lot of the news ones that went around came from here. The current showcase is their photoshop phridays

    Warning: There is a lot of adult themes on there (and tons of tasteless humor).

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