New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-14

Some Visual Studio Team System-related blog posts…

Korby Parnell: Team Foundation vs. Visual SourceSafe, Part 1

On a daily basis, I come upon an interesting and often emerging feature difference between Team Foundation source control (aka, Hatteras) and my last product, Visual SourceSafe (aka, VSS). I plan to keep track of these features…where else?…out here in the wild for everyone to read. Por supuesto. Here’s my first installment.

Jason Barile: Basic operations in Hatteras’ cmd line environment – Part 2 Answer

Here’s the answer to yesterday’s quiz. I’ll work through each step and describe what’s happening…

Christian Weyer: A (very) small step to contract-first in VS 2005

There is a lot of buzz about contract-first Web service design and development. Maybe I am one of the biggest supporters of it 😉
Yes, just a very small step – but you never know what comes until Visual Studio 2005 RTM’s … take a look at the screenshot taken from a toy Whitehorse project.

Shawn Morrissey: The Power of Myth and Software Engineering

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Team Services offering, codenamed “Burton” and how it will affect the entire journey – how it will tie the entire journey together. So far, it seems we’ve focused a lot of our efforts explaining the new features, which is great. I plan to focus on is the overall impact of these tools on the software engineering process. If you have suggestions, or opinions, please share them with me – I’d like to invite you to participate on this ride with me, I’m going to start with the Team Services Foundation Services first, so stay tuned…

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