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Gareth Jones, a developer on the Team Architect Edition portion of Visual Studio Team System, is now blogging:

Modeling User Experiences, APIs and Tools

Hi, I'm Gareth Jones and I'm a developer in the architect team within the Visual Studio Team System group. I'm currently working on tooling and APIs for modeling. Previously within Microsoft, I've worked in a bunch of different roles, from building bespoke enterprise applications to dev consulting for ISVs and being the dev lead for  In life before Microsoft I was a developer for an ISV in the intelligence analysis market and before that for a consultancy in the defence and simulation business.  My dev interests have long been in the area of developing user experiences (certainly long before they were called user experiences) and especially in UI tools and frameworks.  So tooling and APIs for modeling (and especially its user experience) are the subjects I intend to discuss.  However to start off I want to talk about something entirely different (just to be contrary).


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