New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-12

Some recent Visual Studio Team System blog posts...

Keith Short: Articles on DSLs and Generative Development Approaches

It seems that others are coming to many of the same conclusions that we have reached concerning modeling languages and development approaches in which they can be utilized effectively. In their article here in David Frankel’s excellent MDA Journal, a team of IBM DE’s and Grady Booch lay out their manifesto for MDA. This is a nice article, but we have been struck by the convergence of ideas, and the acknowledgement that families of domain specific modeling languages are the way to support modern development approaches.

James Manning: random weekend source control babbling

Playing “devil’s advocate” is very much in my nature, so in the absence of external input, I’ll have debates with myself. I’ve been in a constant debate lately as to the role of source control in the development process. Necessary evil? Useful tool? Glorified backup mechanism? Thin layer over diff/patch and friends?

James Manning: WRT Stuart's excellent questions

Stuart provided some great feedback on his experiences with VS 2002/2003 and SourceSafe. Since I've talked to some co-workers to find some of these answers, and since it's kind of long-ish, the response has been promoted to its own post. Read his feedback first for more context, but this post should stand alone fine as well 🙂

Jason Barile: What's in a name?

You might have noticed I'm using the executable name “h” in my samples. This is the working name for our command line executable, and it's a short version of “Hatteras”. We don't have a final name for the executable yet. I've gotten accustomed to typing “h”, so I hope the final name isn't something like “VSTSSCC.exe” 🙂

Anyone have suggestions for a cmd line executable name?

Korby Parnell: Blogophilia in Hatteraslandia

I set my blog dial to hibernate last week to concentrate on well, you know, work and stuff. I come back to discover an overflowing aggregator and... Holy BatBlogs is my team is blogging about some interesting stuff!

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