New Team System Blog Posts – 2004-07-08

Jason Barile on the Hatteras Command Line:

Basic operations in Hatteras' cmd line environment

In my last VSTS/Hatteras post, I introducted working folder mappings and cloakings. Now that you've seen how to map files from the repository to your local machine, I'll talk about some other basic features, syncing, adding, editing, and checking in.

Matt Pietrek, a relatively new addition to Visual Studio Team System, has started a blog:

Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

I've been in software development for 16 years. Three months ago, I joined the Visual Studio group, and am working on the Team System team. Prior to that, I was with Compuware's NuMega lab, where I worked on a variety of products, most notably, BoundsChecker for Windows.

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