Now Joining: Noah Coad

Noah Coad, once a C# MVP and a creator of some cool .NET widgets, is the newest member of the Visual Studio Team System team. Today is his first day at Microsoft. Welcome aboard, Noah!

Moving to Microsoft

Joining the Ranks
Well I've taken the red pill, gone blue card, lost my MVP status, been assimilated into the collective, and joined Microsoft! I am now a Program Manager on Visual Studio Team System.

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  1. noahc says:

    It’s been almost two years now that I’ve been at MS and I just remembered and looked up this post.  This one post, from the face of Team System himself (Rob), really meant a lot to me when I started!  It really encouraged me off to the start of a great career.  Since this post, I’ve been a Program Manager working on the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), the Profiler, Unit Testing tools, the VS Debugger, VSTS Training & partner readiness, leading MVP involvement, and oh such much more.  Thanks again Rob for your support!

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