Chris Rathjen on Migrating from VSS to Hatteras

Chris Rathjen, one of the testers on Visual Studio Team System source control ("Hatteras"), has posted some additional information for those that are considering a move from Visual SourceSafe to "Hatteras" but are concerned about losing the sharing and pinning features of VSS.

Migrating from VSS to Hatteras

Buck posted the preliminary plan on VSS->Hatteras migration, be sure to check it out if you currently use VSS and might be looking to make the change.

The comments are mainly focused on the drawbacks - you lose VSS sharing and pinning.

I think between the label and locking capabilities of Hatteras, people that use pinning should still be ok. However, if we could hear an example or two of how people use pinning, we can either show that Hatteras fulfills the same need, or we'll have a nice feature request 🙂

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