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Rick LaPlante, the General Manager for Visual Studio Team System, has launched his blog. With his first post, he talks about transparency in software development and how he plans to embrace it as yet another rewarding, albeit dangerous, endeavor.

Rick LaPlante

Rick LaPlante's WebLog

When I’m not outside fishing or snowmobiling, I run the Visual Studio Team System. This has led me to starting another potentially dangerous, but ultimately rewarding endeavor – transparency in a commercial software development and release process. How is transparency dangerous?

Rick led the developer tools general session (DEV200) at TechEd in San Diego for the first end-to-end demonstration of Visual Studio Team System.

I actually subscribed to Rick's blog when he first created it (over a month ago?). While I'm happy to see he is finally making some use of it, I was really hoping to get him to contribute the next post for the Ask Burton blog. Hopefully, we'll get something new up there soon.

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