Randy Holloway on Team System Dev & Test

Randy Holloway has posted his notes from a (post-geek dinner) late night session with Jason Anderson and Tom Arnold on the developer and test features of Visual Studio Team System:

Visual Studio 2005 EDT- Overview in Building 42

Jason Anderson and Tom Arnold gave an overview of EDT (Enterprise Development & Test), part of the Team System V1 tools, tonight in building 42 after the geek dinner. In attendance besides me were Steve, Dana, Don Alvarez, Todd Bishop, and Robert Scoble. Here are my notes from the discussion...

According to Randy, Robert Scoble was in attendance. Perhaps we'll see some stuff about Visual Studio Team System in his blog, too.

Comments (5)

  1. Steve Maine says:

    He shot the whole thing for C9, so hopefully there will be some video up on the site soon.

  2. Yup, I was there! Have two hours of video. "Late night with the Burton team" should be fun.

    It probably will be a couple of weeks before it gets up on C9.

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