Keith Rowe on Reporting in Team System

Keith Rowe (Product Unit Manager for Team System's Product Management tools), has posted some information on what to expect from Reporting in Visual Studio Team System -

On the long list of exciting new features in Visual Studio Team System is our very rich reporting system.

We are building a single data warehouse with SQL Server that is hosted on the Team Foundation Server. All the tools are aware of this warehouse and can submit results to it. We are gathering data from:

  • the source code control system
  • the work item tracking system
  • the build engine
  • the test suite manager
  • the code coverage tool
  • the performance monitoring tools

We will expose this interface and schema so third parties can splice their own tools' data into the same warehouse.

Of course, the reports that will ship with Team System are still in flux. As Keith put it:

We're still crafting the final set of reports that will be in the box.  People are coming to us with great new ideas every day.  What reports would you like to see?

Be sure to leave Keith some feedback about the kind of reports you want to have.

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