John Cunningham’s Blog Comes Alive

John Cunningham, lead developer for the Enterprise Performance Tools Team in Team System, has brought his blog to life with 3 posts today (so far):

  • Howdy
    And yes I really do talk like all of those Scottish stereotypes from TV and the movies.

  • Profilers - when and where?
    For the moment, I'd like to solicit feedback about when and where people are using profilers to figure out performance problems.  Is it mostly in the field, after apps have been deployed, or before deployment on the devs desktop?  What issues do you encounter when you try to profile in those scenarios with existing tools?

  • The mechanics of getting it done in software
    So you can see that although I'm more focused on performance tools and code coverage, VSTS is the natural fit for me, as this is the team that is starting to put into practice many of the things we've learned the hard way about large scale software development at MS into real products.


And something for his team's blog:

  • VS Quick Tip handy for profilers
    Recently we had some feedback that it was tough to get enough information from the performance reports on the screen at once since they are displayed in the source pane area of VS.

Comments (1)

  1. Sid Barrat says:

    Aye loon, but we are recommending that two viewings of that cultural classic ‘BrigOdoon’ wi yon Gene Kelly (a braw choochtie in a kilt) will enable complete and accurate interpretation of your broad brogue (excepting 4 foot Ninjas)

    Bfn from The private ear

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