Time to Go Home

“Reading departure signs in some big airport, Reminds me of the places I've been.” - Jimmy Buffett

Okay, so the San Diego International Airport (aka Lindbergh Field) is not exactly a “big airport” by my standards, and there are only two cities (Chicago and Philadelphia) on the departure sign in this terminal that remind me of places I've been. TechEd 2004 USA is over. I've seen more than I can recall. Signs on the dining hall tables today announced TechEd 2005 USA is going to be in Orlando and I've heard TechEd 2006 is going to be in Boston. My feet are sore. My head hurts. I caught a cold from doing the Shipwreck Rapids ride at Sea World (which is an ASP.NET site I might add) and then going across the park (in the cool of the night soaking wet) to the Wild Arctic facility (colder still). Stupid is as stupid does. So, now my head is fully congested. This should make for an enjoyable landing in Seattle. Thanks go out again to Korby. This time for scoring us first-class upgrades for the return flight. Thanks to T-Mobile for having such a strong wireless hotspot I'm able to use it without having to join the Star Alliance Red Carpet Lounge. Time to head for the gate.

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  1. Well Mr. Paperman, I hope you had fun.

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